Beckov Castle and its intriguing matzevot.

Beckov Castle and its intriguing matzevot

Beckov is a west-slovakian village, where a Jewish cemetery, along with a medieval fortress, creates a sort of sad scenery.

Road to Beckov Castle

The slovakian D1 highway provides an amazing view over plenty of castles situated on both sides of the route. However, if you want to take a closer look at these medieval constructions you should consider taking an alternative road through the villages.

Though they require much more time to reach, it is definitely worth it if you want to learn further about Slovakias historical objects and their surroundings.

Therefore, a trip to the Trencin Region, where the village of Beckov as well as Beckov Castle (Nove Mesto nad Vahom-District) are located, turns out to be a deeply exiting adventure. The only possible way to approach the castle is at its back, where a small hill provides a comfortable pathway.

Intriguing old matzevot – a sad scenery

The Jewish cemetery can be easily recognized not only by the clearly identifiable inscriptions in Hebrew, but also by the fact that Jewish tombstones are usually not renovated until their natural destruction, following the Jewish tradition.

The 300-year-old cemetery contains about one hundred and eighty matzevot (Jewish tombstones).

A medieval fortress

In comparison to the flat landscape, the Beckov Castle stands out due to his remarkable location on top of the 230 feet high rock.

After the one hour visit it was time to continue my journey through Slovakia. However, I will never forget the melancholic impression the castle left on me: monumental fortress and its intriguing matzevot.

Beckov Castle is closed to tourists between December and March for safety reasons.

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