View from the east of the Burghausen Castle.

Burghausen Castle

On the cover photo, a view of Burghausen Castle (German: Burg zu Burghausen) from the east.

Burghausen Castle is the longest castle in Europe (3421 ft, 1043 m [1]) or the longest castle in the world, according to current assessments (3448 ft, 1051 m). Soon I will also publish additional photos and descriptions of parts of the Burghausen Castle – towers and buildings – as well as additional information regarding the length of the castle and its place in the ranking.

[1] Dorner, Johann. Herzogin Hedwig und Ihr Hofstaat. Das Alltagsleben auf der Burg Burghausen nach Originalquellen des 15. Jahrhunderts. Burghausen: Stadt Burghausen – Stadtarchiv, 2002. P. 60.

External links

{Virtual tour of the ducal living quarters}
{View from the webcam of the town of Burghausen}

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