Land Castle Ort on the Toscana peninsula..

Land Castle Ort

An example of a secular building with so-called onion-towers: Land Castle Ort (German: Landschloss Ort) on the Toscana peninsula, constituting along with Lake Castle Ort, a complex of two palaces joined by a wooden bridge.

The onion-shaped tower

The characteristic shape of the top of the tower, visible below in the picture, can be associated with onion. The name of this architectural form: onion-tower, also known as onion dome.

The Ort Landschloss is located at the Traunsee lake, in the town of Gmunden. In the background here, a view of the Traunstein mountain peak – 5548 ft (1691 meters) high. Also a river have a similar name: Traun. This is because of the celtic nomenclature – Traun means exactly river.

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