Lake Castle Ort - view from a wooden bridge with a length of 123 meters..

Lake Castle Ort

Established at the turn of the 10th and 11th centuries, Lake Castle Ort (German: Schloss Ort) is today one of the best-recognized tourist facilities in Austria. Its picturesque location on a small island, connected with the Toscana peninsula with a 123-meter long wooden bridge, makes it a popular motif of advertisements promoting the region Salzkammergut.

Today, in the elegant interiors of Lake Castle Ort, more than 300 weddings are organized annually. Of course, there is also room for other meetings, for example company events or just family meetings.

Gmunden, where the Lake Castle Ort is situated, is a town in Upper Austria on the lake Traunsee and the river Traun. On the picture above you can see two palaces connected by a wooden bridge:

  • on the left, Lake Castle Ort;
  • on the right, Land Castle Ort on the Toscana peninsula, counted among the common palace complex.
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